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Joan Bankemper
A Good Run with Sal Scarpitta, 1983-1990


the special limited edition
Scarpitta / Bankemper: 5 + 10
(containing 10 prints, 5 videos, and the book, A Good Run with Sal Scarpitta, 1983-1990)

The deluxe special limited edition, SCARPITTA / BANKEMPER: 5 + 10, contains the book, A GOOD RUN WITH SAL SCARPITTA: 1983-1990 (2016), by Joan Bankemper, covering the years of her collaborative artwork with Sal Scarpitta, from 1983 to 1990; 5 videos by Scarpitta and Bankemper; and a portfolio of 10 sepia-toned, archival prints by Scarpitta and Bankemper (1983/2016), entitled Dirt Rider, derived from the video, Sal is Racer (1983-84). The book also includes a never-before published text “This Race Is Mine” (pulled from the video, Sal is Racer). Bankemper writes in A Good Run: “During [those] seven years [1983-1990] Sal and I were together, we made art and videos and traveled to the fastest dirt tracks in the northeast, coast to coast in the U.S. and across the pond to Italy.”

“The videos, prints and book, enclosed in this symbolic (hardly moribund) ‘black box,’ SCARPITTA / BANKEMPER: 5 + 10, are documents of and a testament to those seven years. The 5 videos are psychodramas, love letters, confessions – as much as they are art. I hope A GOOD RUN WITH SAL SCARPITTA, 1983-1990, will provide a meaningful and intimate insight into an artist who was not yet an historical figure but rather a working artist, the quintessential artist’s artist. I dedicate this posthumous collaboration with Sal, to my daughter Sophie and to all women who, without hesitation, fiercely and fearlessly, embark upon their own poignant and cosmic collaborations, with whomever they choose and however they may define them.”

Sal Scarpitta (1919-2007) was considered one of Leo Castelli’s first and premiere artists. His early wrapped pieces were viewed as a precursor to the Arte de Povera movement. Upon moving back to America after WWII in search of his American roots, he began by making a facsimile race car. He exhibited dirt track sprint cars, wrapped sleds and more race cars until finally his work incorporated creating a fully functioning race team that raced in real time.

Joan Bankemper lives and works in New York City and Warwick, NY. Bankemper constructs idiosyncratic gardens and generates ceramic sculptures by recycling broken crockery and clay into fantastical forms that mirror her gardens. Bankemper has transformed abandoned lots, overlooked historic sites, derelict parks and industrial sites into gardens that bring life to their own ecosystem with people, birds and animals. Her new ceramic paintings are a departure exploring seed germination, entropy and structures found in the tenuous ecosystem.

Individual copies of the book, A GOOD RUN WITH SAL SCARPITTA, 1983-1990, are available at $34.95. The deluxe limited edition, SCARPITTA / BANKEMPER: 5 + 10, which includes all three – the DVD set of five videos, 10 prints, and the book – is Price Upon Request. A preview of the 5 videos is available on You Tube. For more about the videos, prints, and book, please go to The book and the special limited edition are available through and

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